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Fishing in Cyprus

Limassol coastline offers a lot of beaches and small fishing harbors that are ideal for people interested in sea fishing. There is a wide variety of life, such as sea bream, sea bass, sand steenbras, tuna and even smaller spices that are usually caught in the Limassol waters.

Sea bream is typically found in spring and autumn when the fish make their way closer to the shore, as well as during the sunny days of winter, or the Halcyon days — the mini-summer of January.

Sea bass can be found all year-round, though winter fishers usually have better luck. You can find sea bass generally in or near harbors, or in beaches that are located near small or large harbors.

Of course, the operation of fish farms in the Limassol waters helps to increase their population, and the periods during which the fish escape from the farms into the open waters are always causing celebration for the city’s fishermen.

Tuna fishing in Cyprus is considered one of the most popular and exciting activities for fishers and tourists. It is always unpredictable, cool and a fun activity! The most catchy tuna region is located in the Limassol - Larnaca region, where tuna activity is mainly June-July, in Paphos tuna activity is weak even at the peak of the general fishing season.

During tuna fishing also, it is worth taking into account the seasonality factor, the closer the peak of the season (in Cyprus it is on average from mid-June to mid-August), the closer the tuna approaches the coast and, accordingly, it is easier to find.

For tuna searching, an echometer is usually used to detect tuna schooling. The principle of handling of the echometer is straightforward: as soon as the echometer detects a good fish size, the bait is thrown into the sea, and trolling begins.

Ways to catch tuna
In the world, there are many described best ways to catch tuna, but in Cyprus, fishermen mainly use trolling — this is a fairly simple and effective way of fishing. The principle of trolling is towing the bait at an average speed of 10-13 km per hour, 5-7 knots.

So, if you have a sailing vacation in Cyprus — an excellent solution for tuna fishing will be the choice of a sailing-motor yacht that allows you to use wind power and save a good budget on fuel, and it will be easier to plan fishing for at least a couple of days.

Good to know

Fishing Licence

By deciding to have fishing in Cyprus, it is better to know in advance all the restrictions that may occur.

So, do you need a license for sea fishing in Cyprus?

  • If you are going out to spearfish while diving or at night or undertake any commercial fishing or you are going to use traps or long lines then the answer is YES, you need a license.
  • If you are going out on a boat for recreational and fun activities or spearfishing without any diving equipment, or you are just using vertical lines or trolling, then NO, you don't need a license.
  • Also, you can not go fishing or to spearfish in the designated swimming area.

How can I find a boat to take me fishing?

There are a lot of options. The best time for fishing is morning and afternoon. You can take a yacht charter for several days or a week to enjoy sailing and fishing at all of the harbors in the island or to hire a speed boat for it. All of these options are available with Globalia Yachting.

Our team will be happy to recommend the best option for your needs and will arrange an unforgettable experience.