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Kataklysmos is a religious and popular holiday celebrated in Cyprus. Usually held in June, the date is set up 50 days after Easter. This year will be celebrated on June 7th, 2020.

Kataklysmos means flood and is found in the book of Genesis and in the Greek myth of Deukalion. In both cases, it refers to the destruction by flood of almost all-living creatures to give birth to a new, moral generation.

The celebrations last for a few days and take place in all the seaside cities of Cyprus. The feast includes various games, swimming competitions, sailing races, performances of folk dances, competitions of popular traditional songs known as "Tsattista," live music performances by famous Greek and Cypriot singers.

The most popular mores of Kataklysmos is throwing the water to one another that symbolizes the purification of the body and soul, so be aware!

The Larnaka celebration of Kataklysmos is the biggest on the island and usually held at Foinikoudes promenade. There are a lot of activities, stalls along the promenade that represents local food and drinks, traditional demonstrations, sailing competitions that everyone can observe, and premium cultural performances. Kataklysmos is included in the UNESCO National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Larnaca Bay is interesting for its weather conditions. At this period, the annual Kataklysmos regatta is held by the local sailing club in Larnaca and Limassol. A lot of crews come here to participate. Unusual and rapidly changing wind conditions make this regatta interesting and exciting both from the technical side and the emotional.

So, if you are in Cyprus at this period — do not miss the opportunity to participate in the local feast and enjoy the crystal clear and warm seawater. Book your boat now with Globalia Yachting.