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Sailing with kids

When you are traveling with kids, you have to keep in mind a lot of different ideas and have at least Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C if the first two don't work. There are a lot of criteria that are better to take into account. We will give you some tips about how to make your sailing vacation with kids a sweet success.

Right destination and route

Choose the place carefully. Of course, it will differ from place to place and your wishes. Usually, families pay attention to the possibility of traveling and discovering not only the offshore part but also coastal.

Spend a little time to check and develop the route, or ask the best one for sailing with family during the charter check-in. Why not to involve kids in the decision process, or if the itinerary is set, ask them for suggestions for next time? Show them the route you’re going to take on a map. Older kids will definitely be involved in this. They’ll be feeling like pirates in no time.

If the weather allows, you can anchor in different bays or come to the various marinas for the overnight stop. Some families prefer to stay in one marina, but during the day, they sail to different beautiful locations and in the evening are coming back. So everybody can relax after an active day.

The best period for traveling with kids in Cyprus is perhaps pre or post-summer season. In this way, you can avoid crowds and explore what Cyprus has to offer. You can charter a yacht right now for the next season, saving money and choosing a better yacht, with our early season offer. Besides, the weather is still not hot, and the cruise will be more enjoyable on the calm sea.


It is simple. If you want an easy-going holiday, plan your trip with your friends that also have kids. Of course, you have to be sure that you can stay on the boat together for an enduring period, both adults and kids.

If you have such friends — you are lucky. Kids will be busy with themself, playing, swimming, chatting, and solving some unpredictable problems, especially if you put ideas into their minds about treasure hunting, pirates, etc. To sail with the purpose is much more exciting from the very beginning.

Choose a boat that will be your home for at least a week

For a family sailing trip, charter a sailing boat or a catamaran. A catamaran offers a bit more stability than a sailboat, as well as more space, but comes at a higher price. On the other hand, a beautiful sailboat will offer safety and more than enough comfort for you to enjoy your holiday. If you have a big family or are traveling with friends, the best option is a catamaran.

Safety onboard (safety briefing, life jackets, etc.)

If you charter a boat with a crew — there is no need to worry. The skipper will make a short briefing before departure, will explain how to use the safety vest and provide all information of the route and the plan.

If you are skippering the yacht yourself, as soon as everyone boards — have a safety briefing. This is a good reminder for adults too. Point out the importance of life jackets, the ropes and handrails while walking around. Explain any dangers before they may appear:

  • walking in the shoes,
  • handrail,
  • hatches,
  • avoidance of keeping or sitting on the ropes,

Include other essential knowledge, like where the cookies will be stored.

For the toddlers and little investigators there are a lot of equipment for more secure sailing: safety nets, baby coats. During the sailing, try to keep the rules to a minimum. You are on the yacht to relax and have fun. The best way is to create a list of DON'Ts in the very beginning, so everybody knows and follows the rules.


When you are cruising, you will see how fast kids become hungry. Snacks, snacks, and snacks. Being on the water is a hungry business, so ensure you have enough snacks during your sailing times. There is nothing worse than being hungry in a small, confined space.


Will children get bored onboard? Most probably not — there so many things to discover onboard. You have to remember that there will be a lot of swimming and some time spent sailing between each destination, so it's better to have some extra activities on board.

Being in the sea and out of the 'ordinary life' is also an excellent chance to break away from technology. Some tips are worked onboard for children:

  • Colouring: bring some books, printouts, crayons, and pencils (avoid felt-tip pens on a boat for obvious reasons)
  • Board and Table games,
  • Trying to find some sea creatures like turtles, dolphins, etc.
  • Fishing.
  • and, of course, for lovers - book reading,
  • let the kids be a captain,
  • create a quest onboard or try to find the treasure.

There are also a lot of water sport activities: Kayaking/canoeing, SUP, Snorkelling, Water Parks, and jumping from the boat.

Clothing, What to Pack

If you are coming to Cyprus in the high-season end of May until September, you can mostly rely on hot and very hot, stable weather, so light cotton clothes and changes of bathers is basically all you need, but also:

  • Closed shoes that will protect your feet from the injury on the boat;
  • Hat and sunglasses;
  • Sun or UV protecting clothing;
  • A pair of sandals and one pair of trainers if you want to go for any hikes;
  • One water-proof jacket or windbreaker, long trousers in case there are any cold nights or storms.

If you are coming out of season, be prepared that the morning and nights can be fresh, so bring at least one jumper and pair of long trousers, fleece jacket. The season in Cyprus ends in late October and until that time the water is warm, and the temperature is about 25-27 °C, but during the sailing a little breeze may be like a cold, strong wind.


It is always better to have with you on the boat:

  • Sun Cream SPF 50+,
  • Seasickness tablets or bracelets,
  • Ibuprofenum,
  • Insect repellent

Other medicine: if you or youк child needs any special medications, remember to pack it because while you are in the marina, you may find a pharmacy quickly, but it is not always guaranteed.

Get off the Boat and Explore

While you may love the idea of being on a boat all day and night, but we definitely recommend to leave the boat at least once a day; get out, explore, walk around. There are plenty of activities you can do — a family like biking, visiting the old city, and Castel if you are in Limassol. Do some research or ask charter company representative recommendations. By the way, getting off and going for a walk is always a good excuse to 'test' ice cream and local cuisine in every location!

Have fun, Enjoy, and Learn something new

Follow these simple suggestions and be prepared for the best family holidays.