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Sea creatures

Cyprus is part of the Mediterranean that is truly full of life. It is the perfect spot for chartering and considered as a dream diving destination. There are thousands of species living in the Mediterranean. Thankfully (for every swimmer), dangerous sharks are not among them, so you can calmly take a swim or a dive whenever you like!

There are, however, fish, cephalopods, crustaceans, mammals, and more. We'll focus on the most exciting, famous creatures to encounter in Cyprus. Some of them are rare, which makes spotting them even more amazing!

Chartering a yacht in Cyprus gets you the privilege of being the amazed observer of the magnificent nature of the Medettaranian. The water is crystal clear, the temperatures are delightful, and there's so much to see when you discover the world under and above the sea!

Here is our list of the fantastic sea creatures that you may meet during your charter vacations in Cyprus.

With Globalia Yachting charter, you become a guest of this beautiful world. Book your trip and easily discover and observe unique sightseeings of underwater life.

Mediterranean monk seal

The Mediterranean monk seal is the most endangered species of seal in the world and the only type in the region. According to the latest research, fewer than 12-14 seals inhabit the coastal waters of Cyprus, choosing as a home the underwater caves in the area of Cape Greco as their place of dwelling, which is located in Akamas peninsula, near the Peyia sea caves. One of them was marked between Ag. Georgias and Governor's beach.

So, while sailing, be prepared, you may meet this fascinating creature while anchoring in the Cyprus Bays.

Sea Turtles

Last year the number of sea turtles rose dramatically, especially in Limassol bay and the area around. It can be an excellent activity for the kids, and adults try to search the turtles from the boat and observe them in the open sea.

Two kinds of turtles reach the sandy beaches of Cyprus from June till September: Loggerhead and Green turtles. In June and July, females lay eggs about three times, and August-September is the period when tiny hatchlings dig out their nests and try to reach the protection of the sea.

The green sea turtle — which can grow to a meter in length and weigh up to 250 kilograms — is the largest of the Mediterranean sea turtles.

The loggerhead turtle is not as large as the green sea turtle but still may grow to 95 centimeters in length. Loggerhead turtles feed on mollusks, fish, jellyfish, and crustaceans.


Dolphins are fairly rare guests in Cyprus. Last year they were spotted off the coast of Protaras and Ayia Napa. The sailors and yachtsmen, from time to time, see them in Limassol bay during the sailing, and they may come close enough to the yacht.

We recommend not to sail close to dolphins to ensure they are safe. Always turn the engine away from the dolphins if they approach you to ensure you won't hurt them.

Now, if you see dolphins on your sailing holiday in Cyprus, consider yourself extremely lucky, and perhaps try buying a lottery ticket!

Flying fish

During the charter vacation in Cyprus it is very easy to observe the sea creatures that are common on the island. But you may even not believe your eyes when you see a flying fish jumping out of the water.

Flying fish has developed pectoral fins that allow it to jump out of the water and float a little while. The fish vibrates its tail up to 70 times per second while in the water and then jumps out the water and usually glides for about 40 meters.

They are kept in small flocks, often under a water surface. There are species found exclusively in the coastal area, while others can live only in the open ocean. In case of danger, sometimes, for no apparent reason, they perform a gliding flight.

These flocks were spotted during the sailing in the direction from Limassol to Akrotiri.

Under the sea....

The underwater world of Cyprus is really marvelous and rich for inhabitants. There's a huge variety of dive sites to enjoy.

Cyprus offers wealth and well-populated marine life. There is a dive location where it is possible to see large shoals of sea breams and massive barracuda. There are shoals of large Grouper, dozens of trumpetfish, large amberjacks hunting baitfish and in October visiting tuna. You can also see turtles, wrasses, damselfish, rays, flying gurnards, lobster, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, sea cucumbers, sponges, prawns, nudibranchs, octopus, and much more.

Cyprus creates protected artificial-reef areas for diving and developing underwater life. Some of the already existing artificial-reef areas are in Dasoudi and Amathus in Limassol, Protaras, and Geroskipou.