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Zygi Village lies on the southern coast of Cyprus and is a little fishing village with a shelter/marina operated by the Department of Fisheries in the Larnaca district.

Zygi harbor has about 240 berths, mostly it is a fishing boats.

The facilities of the marina are not extensive, there are new pontoons and new water & electricity and no entry authorities. There is a minimum 5 day charge for using the harbor but it is inexpensive. In the marina you can find many decorated, colorful fishing boats.


You can reach the harbor master by phone at: 00357 24817097 or if not and you would like to moor the best way is to take a berth stern-to the wall on the left as you go in. VHF is not monitored by harbor master.

There are 3 berths that have tailed moorings. You will find 3 meters depth in the entrance and at least that at most berths. Fuel may be delivered by mini tanker truck.


There are lots of seafood restaurants with delicious, fresh seafood, exactly on the seafront, shops, WC, etc.


Usually, during the Cyprus National sailing Championship (end of May - June), the marina is fully booked.

Things to do:

Visitor and locals come here to taste traditional meze. The coast is famous for different types of bream fish, grey mullets, octopus, devilfish as well as calamari, crab and other seafood - fishing is a number one activity in this area.

You can take part in a culinary tour of the local farms that produce traditional halloumi cheese, wine and olive oil, and visit strawberry farm.