Episkopi Bay

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Episkopi Bay

Episkopi Bay is located between Cape Aspro and Cape Zevghari. Several small sandy bays lie along its northern shore.

The village of Episkopi is situated in the north-eastern part of the bay and can be identified by a conspicuous white church with a red roof.


It is better to avoid anchorage in this bay, due to the strong South and South-West winds.

Caution: British Armed Forces stationed in the UK Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and situated in the vicinity of Episkopi Bay and the Akrotiri Peninsula. Episkopi Bay is frequently used as a firing area and several targets may be moored within it.

Things to do:

Take a sail towards Pissouri and visit one of the best underwater treasures located in Cyprus. Jubilee Shoal is the largest natural reef network in Cyprus with a least depth of 14.6m, lies 3.5 miles ESE of Cape Aspro.